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Game description: Rubik's Cube 3D:
A famous Rubik's Cube puzzle is now on the platform of the mobile phones. A game from the category of DIY will be possibly work on all the screens.In fact, there is nothing new, but how do these designers and craftsmen of programming do it? Just well done!

Here is a three-dimensional version of the world famous Rubik's Cube game. Let's assemble Rubik's Cube to classical music. In addition to picking up a virtual cube, you can set the parameters of a real Rubik's cube and the game will tell you how to assemble it.


Rubiks Cube 3d From 128x160 Till 360x640.jar, 3d, Single Version, Java,Screenshot Preview Rubiks Cube 3d From 128x160 Till 360x640.jar, 3d, Single Version, Java,Screenshot Preview 2 Rubiks Cube 3d From 128x160 Till 360x640.jar, 3d, Single Version, Java,Screenshot Preview 3 Rubiks Cube 3d From 128x160 Till 360x640.jar, 3d, Single Version, Java,Screenshot Preview 4

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707.4 KB
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1.1 MB
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277.1 KB
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491.9 KB
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189.9 KB
 Game description: SCP: Containment Breach MOD Left2Dead 3D: SCP-Containment Breach. This is the first game from SCP series for Java platform. Monsters, text and maps were changed! This version of the game is absolutely free of charge, no SMS is required!
Scp Containment Breach Mod Left2dead 3d 240x320 S40

878.4 KB
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324.7 KB
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Snowboard 3d 176x208 S60

125.3 KB
 Game description: Sobr: Sobr - fighter! You went through all the trials maroon berets even haven't seen in their dreams. Now you are one of Sobr fighters and a real mission is waiting for you. There is a ship in the port full of radioactive waste..Game features: 3-D first person shooter in the style of WolfensteinMany types of weaponsVarious enemies  
Sobr 240x320

3.1 MB
 Game description: Speed hurricane 3D: Speed hurricane 3D - bring the car of your dream to the extreme test: city streets drag racing. Your car against their cars, straight, everything depends on power and skills. Game features:Clever opponentsCar upgrade
Speed Hurricane 3d 240x320

1.1 MB
 Game description: Speed Spirit 3D: Speed Spirit 3D is another masterpiece from the German company Fishlabs. Many tracks that are situated on the beautiful coast and in mountains. Excellent graphics and an innovative engine. Ability to travel by car as the third person, as well as see yourself as a driver!
Speed Spirit 3d From 176x220 Till 240x320 S40

390.7 KB
 Game description: Speedway 3D: You can take part in the Grand Prix Speedway - one of the most popular two-wheeled racing on
Speedway 3d 176x220

210.8 KB
 Game description: Sportbikes Unlimited 3D: Get on your bike and drive around the city the way you wish to. Earn lots of money, stay away from cops and have a mad drive. Cool race is waiting for you champion!
Sportbikes Unlimited 3d 240x320

324.3 KB
 Game description: S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat: This is not a new Stalker game – this is the modification of the game which has new textures and sounds made specially for Call of Pripyat.Stalker whose name is Nimble is present in all three parts of the game while other more important characters die.And also version of the game Micro Counter Strike Stalker Modification - Stalker.Distinctions from the original:weapons of the real stalker, namely Armsel Striker, Gauss Rifle, OTs-14 Groza and others.Maps are made of Stalker textures!
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696.3 KB
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748.3 KB
 Game description: S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl: This is an excellent game having an excellent graphics! This game reminds
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